DVP Shirdi Sai Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We bring digital dreams alive

We currently support many technologies and have potential to support many more. Below listed is our current expertise and domains we can support:

Technical Competency

Domain/Industry Expertise     

EDI, Finance & Banking, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, e-Customer Relationship Management,Video-Streaming, Healthcare, Telecom, Travel,New Media, Data Warehousing, e-Transactions

Design Skills & Process Orientation

Distributed Application Development (DAD) , Rapid Application Development (RAD) , Robust Project Delivery (RPD), Cartridges Development Framework , Object oriented analysis & designing (UML), programming, Data modelling etc

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

SAP , Custom  Software


Informatica, Abnitio

Internet Technologies

Core Java, Applets,Java Beans, RMI, JDBC, Java GUI (Swing), EJB, CORBA, JSP, Servlets, JNI, Java XML and Microsoft technologies

Application Server   

IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic , Microsoft Commerce Server , Vignette Story Server , web Objects , iPlanet , BroadVision, Intershop(Enfinity/Intershop 3& 4), Interwoven, Ariba and many others


MS SQL *Server, Sybase SQL*Server, MS Access, Informix, DB2, Oracle 8i and dBASE